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Today, we know that one of the most important aspects of any business is ‘people’. Experienced, competent people contribute to both the productivity and profitability of the company. Remaining competitive depends, to a great extent, on ensuring that your workforce is trained and up to date with ever-changing skills and knowledge.

And, almost certainly some of the common challenges that businesses face all over the globe are:

• Attrition

• Leadership

• Stress in employees

• Workplace dissatisfaction

• Lost productivity

• Lack of commitment

• Conflicts

• Lack of accountability/Dependability

• Sales

• Strategy

According to Surveys, almost 50% of workers are actively disengaged. 40% of workers intend to leave their job this year and loyalty factor of customers is at an all time low of just 25%. In an effort to address this growing trend, businesses spent over $40 Billion in workplace training and another $14 Billion in various employee engagement initiatives.

Now, consider that traditional learning activities seem to be having little affect since research has now made it clear, 85% of workplace learning is never applied on the job.

Connect these startling statistics to the growing desire by workers to find more meaning in their work and it forms the potential for the perfect storm for lost productivity and workplace dissatisfaction.

On the opposing end of this trend is an emerging movement by business to provide a more inspiring workplace culture as is exemplified by Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Aditya Birla Group, LG Electronics India, Godrej Consumer Products, Bharti Airtel, Wipro, all of whom have been on the list of Best Employers in India.

These brands have proven that elevating inspiration drives innovation, advocacy, engagement, and profit.

As far as Attrition is concerned a survey by Netscape pointed out that there were two primary reasons why people quit:

1. They hated their manager – generally the employees were appalled by the lack of guidance, career development and feedback they were receiving.

2. They weren’t learning anything – the company wasn’t investing in the employees.

Now, all the research and surveys declare that ‘Training’ is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

Training is not only necessary to keep the skill of the creative person updated and current; it also contributes to your company’s needs and goals.

ELEVATE Global Training Solutions: Contributing to your success in a unique way

With all that said, ELEVATE is building powerful training products that focus on identifying, defining, and creating inspiration within employees, teams, leaders and their roles, actions and behaviors through highly experiential, engaging programs.

You will see our new Leadership Transformation and Team Transformation! programmes tap into the hearts and minds of employees at all levels and tie together facets of personal inspiration to organizational inspiration in compelling, engaging ways. Hence, building intrinsic neuro-networks that connect story, authenticity, affirmation and other key drivers of inspiration into the everyday lives of your employees, customers and communities you serve.

We, at ELEVATE, with a wide knowledge base, and brilliant and highly experienced trainers, are a corporate and employability training company in India.

Our workshops aim to supplement and to build upon any existing training that you may already be conducting. You can bring our transformational programmes to your campus in the form of Workshops, Guest Lectures & Keynote Speeches.

What sets us apart is our passion for touching lives, and helping people realize their true potential. We believe all of us have amazing amounts of talent-potential talent, but if we don’t act and utilize our talent then it’s useless. We inspire your people to act.

Our Methodology

As we all know that the content is important, and what is more important is how we deliver it. We, at Elevate, constantly develop world class content, but it’s the delivery that makes us different.

The participants don’t remain an audience in our programmes. We involve them along with all their senses. We use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and other advanced Techniques which enable the participants to learn faster and to retain more and leave an indelible mark on their subconscious brain. It helps them change their defeating habits and negative behavioral patterns easily and quickly. During the workshops, the participants learn things which will create positive changes in their lives, and at the same time they enjoy themselves learning them.

Evaluation of our training

Many companies analyze the return on investment for advertising campaigns and other company initiatives, but not training. Why not?

We strongly believe in creating results. After each training session, we give the participants evaluation forms to fill in. The evaluation form is also an embedded test which consists of a range questions to serve a variety of purposes. These questions will:

• Enable the participants to evaluate the training and the trainer.

• Ask them for their feedback and suggestions to improve the future training events.

• Evaluate what they have learnt from the training.

• Measure individuals' mental capabilities, personality traits and behavioural style.

• Enable us to know which areas to improve and reiterate the training.

Most importantly, compel the participants to reflect on the training and act upon it.

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