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According to Surveys, 50% of workers are actively disengaged. 40% of workers intend to leave their job this year and loyalty factor of customers is at an all time low of just 25%

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Best public speakers in India

Each of us needs some kind of motivation to do well in life. Be it a corporate professional, a teacher, student, businessman or a homemaker, everyone can benefit with the help of a motivational speaker. While some of us are blessed with loved ones who motivate us, not everyone is so lucky. However, the rest of us need not worry, as we can always take the help of public or motivational speaers. These individuals are trained professionals and know what the best way of motivating people is. One of the Best public speakers in India is Naseer Khan. A MBA graduate from Italy's University of Macerata, Mr. Khan is considered to be the top 1 public or motivational speaker of India.

The reason that Naseer Khan is India's top motivational speaker is because he ensures that the things that people learn during his sessions are applied in their everyday lives. He has inspired almost everyone who has taken part in his motivational sessions. Essentially a career coach, he helps in building one's confidence and also to believe in oneself. He believes that change is a thing that happens internally. His talks are not only interesting and amusing, but also challenging.

Naseer Khan caters to a wide range of audience. From youth to corporate leaders to military professionals, he has been successful in motivating and encouraging individuals from various areas of life. He focuses on aspects like leadership, workplace dissatisfaction, lack of commitment, conflicts, stress in employees, lost productivity, etc., and helps to find solutions. Mr. Khan understands that a growth of a company or organization depends on the people working there. Therefore, he ensures that the workforce is trained, prepared and most importantly, motivated for taking on the challenges that that come to them. With his sessions, he sees to it that the attrition rate of the company decreases to a great extent.

What makes Naseer Khan stand apart from other Best public speakers in India is that he does not use the usual methods like Powerpoint presentations for his talks. Rather, his techniques are unique. He makes use of NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming), hypnosis, etc., to engage the attention of the audience and to motivate them to bring that positive, permanent change in their lives.

Naseer Khan and his team constantly strive to improve their content. However, what they focus on most is that how they deliver it. The team takes feedback from the participants after each session to understand the effect the session has had on each participant and also to know whether there is need for improvement in any areas of the training session.

If you are looking for someone who can motivate your employees, faculty or students, there is no better choice than Naseer Khan. With his skill, wit and experience, he will influence and help to bring a positive change.

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