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According to Surveys, 50% of workers are actively disengaged. 40% of workers intend to leave their job this year and loyalty factor of customers is at an all time low of just 25%

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Corporate Trainer

The corporate world can be stressful, what with targets to be achieved, projects to be completed, etc. Some of the stressful situations can leave the employees dissatisfied, thus urging them to look for other, better opportunities. While the process of old employees leaving and new ones joining is normal in all companies, it is not really good if it happens on a large scale. Hence, it is important to keep your employees motivated and inspired so that they do well in their jobs. Moreover, this will not only help the company to grow but also help the professionals to emerge as more successful and confident professionals. There are several Corporate Trainer who have helped professionals in their career. Naseer Khan is one such motivational speaker and corporate trainer who is considered to number one in the country.

Naseer Khan and his team believe that the success of a company directly depends on the happiness and satisfaction of the employees. It is often observed that at least half of the people are actively disengaged from their work and want to look for a new job. This is mainly because employees do not receive training or feedback that would help them in bettering their work. Most of the dissatisfied employees feel that they are not able to learn anything new in their company. This is where Mr. Khan and his team come in. They are corporate trainers who aim to inspire, motivate and challenge the employees.

Mr. Naseer Khan offers several corporate training services. Motivational speaking, team building, leadership training, employee motivation, time management, success strategies and confidence building are some of the training programs offered by him. During his training sessions, he focuses on aspects including lost productivity, attrition, stress in employees, lack of commitment, workplace dissatisfaction, etc. He encourages the participants to bring a permanent change in their lives.

The USP that sets Naseer Khan apart from his contemporaries is that he sees to it that people apply what they learn from his sessions to their work life. He does not use PPTs packed with too much content, neither his sessions are filled with him talking all the time. No, you would never be bored during Mr.Khan's training sessions. He knows what will keep the interest of the participants and does just that. He uses new technologies like neuro-linguistic programming and unique techniques like hypnosis to encourage and inspire people to become confident and successful individuals. With his experience, wit and knowledge, he helps people to transform their lives in a positive way.

If you are looking for Corporate Trainer for your company, Naseer Khan would be the best choice. So, call today and get ready to add more value to your workplace.

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