Employability Development

A great number of reports and surveys produced by such industry bodies as NASSCOM and FICCI are telling us that only around 10-20% of our fresh graduates are employable. Companies have to spend crores of rupees on training their fresh recruits. Vineet Nayar , CEO, HCL says “The IITs are telling you that whatever you have studied in school is not relevant. We make them realise whatever you studied in college is not relevant."

The million dollar question is what are those skills that employers want in you? What gives you an edge over other job seekers? What makes you an employee who is the first one to be considered when it comes to promotions?

Elevate has highly effective Personality & Employability Development Programmes which aim to improve participants’ employability and make them ready to face and succeed at selection processes by employers.

Our programmes aim to improve such qualities in participants as:

• Self-Motivation

• Communication Skills

• Listening and Comprehending

• Taking Responsibility and Exceeding expectations

• Leadership-Taking initiative and taking charge

• Confidence

• Attitude, Flexibility and Adaptability

• Interpersonal Skills & Team Work Skills

• Dependability

• Computer Skills

• Honesty and Integrity

• Punctuality

• Planning/Organizing

• Staying healthy

• Continuous Self-improvement

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