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    We all desire greater fulfillment in life. We seek increased happiness, satisfaction, confidence, passion, opportunities to assist others, and avenues for contribution…

    So many times, we don’t know what exactly we want. We don’t have a clear picture of our desired future in our minds. Clarity is power!

    And, there are more and new challenges every day. There is more competition and more stress. The only way to make things easier is to become better, and change yourself.

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      25 YEARS
    • World Best Motivational Speaker in India
    • Inspirational Speakers in India


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    We all want more in life. We want more happiness, more satisfaction, more confidence, more passion, more ways to help others, more ways to contribute…

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    We all desire greater fulfillment in life. We seek increased happiness, satisfaction, confidence, passion, avenues for aiding others, and opportunities to make a difference…

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    What We Do

    Today, we know that one of the most important aspects of any business is your ‘people’. Engaged, empowered, excited, energized, and enthusiastic people contribute to both the productivity and profitability of the company.


    We all aspire for greater fulfilment in life, seeking increased happiness, satisfaction, confidence, passion, avenues to aid others, and opportunities to make meaningful contributions…

    Naseer Khan Inspirationalspeakers

    However, it seems difficult to change if we don’t have the right information and tools. If we don’t see the right way then we keep banging our heads against the wall without knowing what to do. We don’t realize that our habits and beliefs are our driving force.

    The good news? It’s possible to change your defeating habits and beliefs.

    You can learn how to become stronger, more resourceful, and more powerful than you ever thought possible.

    You can set new goals and achieve them.

    Naseer Khan Famous Publicspeakers

    His inspirational message helps connect engagement, passion, and meaningfulness to better leadership, increases in revenue, employee motivation, and graceful change management.

    According to Naseer, the world is changing at lightning speed today. In a world of ruthless competition and relentless innovation, your organization can’t afford to remain static or become a commodity.

    Naseer Khan Best Publicspeakers

    “Naseer’s event was designed to help our team unleash their highest potential. Really impactful.”

    -Sandeep Kalia CEO, Valvoline


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    That’s a first in India! If you have any concerns about Naseer’s fee in your mind then you can let them fly out of the window because it’s a 100% risk-free investment. We are so sure that you will love the experience and results that we are including a satisfaction guarantee. Naseer is the only reputed and best motivational speaker in India who gives a 100% money-back guarantee on his events. Nobody else is doing it!

    India Famous Public speakers


    Naseer says, “I’ve been professionally speaking for about two decades. Yes, I have had wild programs. Yes, I’ve had some hilarious and weird stuff happen on the platform. But I’ve NEVER had a client ask for their money back. Never! ‘But if they asked, I’d have given it back. No problem! So if that is my informal agreement with myself, why not make it formal?

    ‘So! If by the end of the event, you don’t feel that it was really beyond your expectations. If you don’t believe the event was wonderful then I will return 100% of my professional fee. I have never had to, though!

    ‘To be honest, if I were planning a meeting or convention, knowing that I could re-coup a lousy speaker’s fee would be the least of my worries. (Let’s face it, if you’re planning even a small meeting you have some huge investments OTHER than the speaker to make.) If I were you, I’d be more worried about whether my speaker can deliver. I’m just saying that I’ll do both.

    ‘All I ask from you is that you set me up to succeed. If you follow my advice about timing, and production (audio-visual stuff and the like), and if you promote me fairly and accurately to your group, you’ll have a great event. Guaranteed! If you don’t agree, you won’t pay.”

    Naseer is the author of popular self-mastery book.

    The Gift of Happiness and Success.


    Successful Motivational Events

    We all aspire for greater fulfillment in life—more joy, contentment, self-assurance, enthusiasm, avenues to aid others, and opportunities to make a difference…

    India Top Inspirationalspeaker

    “The session was beautiful. I hope the participants utilize the wisdom given by Mr. Naseer Khan and elevate the standard of their work and life.”

    -Kailash Gupta Founder Chairman, Tata Commercial

    Naseer will create a sense of belonging, enthusiasm and engagement in your team.

    Increased Employee Engagement Leads to:

    • Increased Productivity
    • Increased Revenue
    • Decreased Waste
    • Increased Profits
    • Stronger Leaders
    • Greater Retention / Lower Turn-over
    • Better Customer Service
    • Better Morale


    India Top Famous Publicspeaker
    India Top Famous Public Speakers

    Embark On An Adventurous Journey Of Learning And Creating A Successful, Meaningful And Fulfilling Life

    India Top Best Public Speakers

    Can You Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If You Had All The Tools Needed To Create The Extraordinary Life You Deserve?

    India Top Inspirational Speakers

    Mr Naseer Khan is the world’s best international motivational speaker, author, thinker, business leadership expert and the best life coach in India. He has dedicated his life to helping people discover their true purpose and leverage their unique gifts to achieve massive success – to make their life a true masterpiece. His mission is to enable you to live a truly extraordinary life filled with joy, adventure, and fulfillment.

    Naseer is the author of the popular self-mastery book The Gift of Happiness and Success


    Naseer believes your people need to leave with concrete strategies and takeaways to help them make sense of what they know, the changes they are faced with, and the people they work with and partner with. Naseer Khan is the best motivational speaker in India who will help your people make concrete improvements. He believes your people need more than just a “show” and “flash of motivation.”

    India Top Famous Public Speakers

    “Thank you, Naseer for conducting a powerful session and delivering such an appropriate and meaningful message which hit a note with every member of my whole team.”

    -Raj Manek Managing Director, Messe Frankfurt

    Best World Best Motivational Speaker India


    Can you imagine in your mind an event like a rock concert filled with music, enthusiasm, inspiration, passion, and cutting-edge knowledge? That’s what you will feel sitting in Naseer’s program. You don’t sit much when he is with you. You stand, you move, you meditate, you jump and hop, you relax and you travel deep within yourself. It is not a speech. It’s total immersion.

    Best Inspirational Speakers India

    “By and large it was the best dealer-meet ever conducted during my association with HPCL for over 25 years. The best part of the evening was the motivational discourse by Naseer Khan.”

    -Sunil Agrawal Hindustan Petroleum & AGRAWAL MOTORS


    Now is the time to invest in your people. Now is the time for this amazing Speaker to help you and your organization.

    Best World Best Motivational speaker India

    “We thank Mr. Naseer Khan who came all the way to Democratic Republic of Congo. He brought a paradigm shift in the way we perceive things. It was a unique experience to be a part of his events.”

    -Rahim Manji CEO, Fabri Metal Congo SPRL


    Best Inspirationalspeakers India
    Best Famous Publicspeakers India
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    Do you know why world’s top organizations such as Valvoline, Cipla, Genpact, DSM Netherlands, Indian Army, TAFE, Alstone International, Tata, Messe Frankfurt, GKB, British Petroleum, DRDO, Lions International, CADD and HPCL etc. trust and repeatedly engage him to inspire, energize and coach their people? Because he delivers! He creates results. He connects instantly- emotionally and intellectually.


    Famous Public Speaker
    Best Public Speaker
    World Best Motivational Speakers Naseer Khan

    “I enjoyed the high degree of knowledge with great energy by Mr. Naseer Khan. He created lots of motivation and enthusiasm in our men.”

    -Major General Mahesh Moolri 1 STC, Indian Army

    Naseer is constantly invited by top educational institutions like IITs, NITs, VIT, LPU, ITM, etc.

    Inspirational Speaker Naseer Khan
    Best Public Speaker Naseer Khan


    World Best Motivational Speakers Indian
    Inspirational Speaker India


    Famous Public Speaker India
    india Best Motivational Speaker
    World Best Motivational Speakers Naseer Khan India

    Naseer’s been at this game a long time. He’s been tried, tested, and proven by hundreds of top-class organizations. He is guaranteed.
    His events are about unlocking and unleashing the forces inside you that can help you to break through any limit and create the quality of life that you desire and deserve.

    Inspirational Speaker Naseer Khan India

    “Thank you, Naseer for enlightening our team at our International I.T. Strategy Meet. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Several key topics triggered our people to reflect and effect change. Your presentation style was extremely energetic and positive.”

    -Steve Hobbs Director, DSM Netherlands

    Famous Public Speaker Naseer Khan India

    You know your event is going to be a super hit because Naseer knows how to hold the conference audience in the palm of his hand. He knows how to use humor and stories to engage them and make his message stick. He isn’t an entertainer, but he knows your motivational speaker needs to be entertaining and engaging for them to listen and learn.

    Best Public Speaker Naseer Khan India

    “Your event was like a mental boot camp, rock concert style. High energy! High Impact!”

    -S Karaiadi Selvan Managing Director, CADD

    Naseer Khan World Best Motivational Speakers


    Do you know why you will feel that his talks are refreshing and futuristic? Because he is not repeating the same stuff over and over. When you hear him you realize the kind of gold-mine research he has done in the last 24 years so that what you get is impactful, precise, practical, and applicable knowledge in a hypnotically engaging way. That’s why Naseer is your choice #1 Top Motivational Speakers in India.


    Naseer Khan Inspirational Speaker
    Naseer Khan Famous Public Speaker

    It will not be another boring “snooze time” seminar where you sit and listen to a lecture with the crammed up PPTs, or where you hear a motivational speaker shouting the same old clichés.

    Naseer believes your people are craving more than just information. He uses stories, humour, and interactivity because he believes your people should both understand and feel the message. When they “feel it” they “get it.” The experience is stronger.


    Your Audience Craves Something Fresh, Authentic and Genuine!
    As we all know that the content is important, and what is more important is how we deliver it. We, at Elevate Global Training Solutions, constantly develop world class content, but it’s the delivery that makes Naseer different. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious to the point that you will want to leap from your seat and get into the game yourself.

    Naseer Khan Best Public Speaker

    I found out education can be so much of fun. Mr. Khan delivered profound wisdom with such a lot of fun in a unique and entertaining style of delivery.

    -Sumit GuptaManaging Partner, Alstone International

    World Best Motivational Speakers in India


    Best Public Speaker in India

    There’s no audience in Naseer’s events, there are participants. They jump, hop, move, and meditate. They participate. They co-create. He involves them along with all their senses. Naseer uses advanced techniques which enable the participants to learn faster and retain more and leave an indelible mark on their subconscious brains. It helps them change their defeating habits and negative behavioral patterns easily and quickly. During the workshops, the participants learn things that will create positive changes in their lives, and at the same time, they enjoy learning them.

    World Best Motivational speakers

    “Your talk on “The Leadership of Tomorrow!” was the best attended at the National HR Meet Conference in Kathmandu. Attendees and staff are still talking about it. It was an honor for Growth sellers and the Nepalese HR community to be able to hear your ideas.”

    -Mohan Ojha Chairman, Growth Sellers Pvt. Ltd. Nepal

    Inspirationalspeaker India


    No, it’ll be a blockbuster if you follow our instructions on how to get the maximum out of Naseer’s events.
    You know your event is going to be a sure success because Naseer is not a usual MBA self-help-book-made motivational speaker. He comes from extremely humble beginnings. One amongst 9 siblings, he began working as a door-to-door salesman right after school. Much later in his career, he went to do M.B.A. from the University of Macerata, Italy. He is also an M.A. in English Literature and Political Science. He has worked for 24 years and experienced hundreds of ups and downs. And that is why participants find his stories extremely entrancing and his examples massively convincing. His words are backed up by his huge experience on the ground.

    Famous Publicspeaker India


    As a participant you feel a powerful connection with him because he speaks from heart and experience. His talks are never a tough vocabulary test for you. Naseer believes ‘begin’ is better than ‘commence’, ‘happen’ is better than ‘transpire’, ‘balance’ is better than ‘equilibrium’ and ‘bloody’ is better than ‘sanguinary’. He mainly speaks English, Hindi/Urdu and a little bit of Italian, Punjabi and Arabic.


    Best Public speaker India
    World Best Motivational speakers in India
    Inspirational speaker in India

    His audiences consistently give him standing-ovations. But if you know what you want from your investment (don’t you agree that engaging an authority is an investment?) then you realize that getting a standing ovation is not everything, though it’s a good thing. If you have attended one of Naseer’s events or watched his videos then you already know what kind of euphoria you feel when you participate with him. It’s definitely much more than a standing ovation. But a standing ovation is not the end-result that you desire. It’s momentary.

    What you really desire is long-term results.

    What you want is long-lasting motivation.

    What you need is change at your subconscious level. And you know top companies and business leaders respect Naseer for creating such results for you.

    Famous Public speaker in India

    “During the exercise on Happiness, I felt as if I was in a ‘samaadhi’. It was an out of the world experience.

    -Tekchand SharmaM.P. Police