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  • June 21, 2023
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Change your Internal Conversations: Words become your Reality

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How you talk with yourself majorly impacts your life. Do you know that? It’s true. The way you converse internally impacts your regular life. Did you ever hear the speeches of the famous motivational speaker in India, Mr. Naseer Khan?

If not, attend one, and understand the theory of positive affirmations that makes our life fruitful.

So, what are affirmations? Affirmations are optimistic statements that are repeated to oneself to influence one’s thoughts and behavior.

Positive affirmations offer an optimistic difference in our life, while vice versa in the case of negative affirmations.

Let’s move further and unveil the secret of positive affirmations bringing happiness and positivity into our lives.

Optimism comes from within.

Training from the top motivational speakers in India is worth it if we have inner faith and belief.

Trusting the words of a motivational speaker makes you feel positive and encouraged. Why so? Because we firmly believe the words.

The same goes for the inner belief within oneself, and affirmations are the statements that showcase what’s hidden inside us.

Saying, “I am not worth it,” “I am done with this,” “It’s impossible for me,” or “Nobody is with me” shows pessimism. The negative statements about life show that you’re not motivated and have less faith in yourself.

So, how does it impact us? There is a theory of the Universe behind it, but again, it’s all about belief.

The Universe always has a YES for us. The Universe is a giver, showing blessings if we genuinely believe it.

Our belief system is more significant than anything else, and that’s what makes a difference.

There are lots of hurdles to our success journey. But faith is that essential aspect that takes us towards the higher milestone.

If we affirm and meditate every day, we connect with the Universe. Universe offers us blessings if we affirm optimistically and create self-belief in ourselves.

Affirming, “Thank you, Universe, for offering me such a beautiful life,” “I know I will achieve my target,” “I will have a happy and positive life ahead,” “I am strong enough,” etc., portrays self-belief and confidence within yourself.

Using empowering words, doing gratitude exercises, repeating powerful affirmations, avoiding negativity consciously, and meditating will change your life for the good.

People may guide you to think positively and stay with an optimistic approach, but you have the inner power to become a guiding light for yourself.

Change your words, and experience a magical difference in your life positively.


Your words are a powerful tool that can significantly impact your life. What you want is purely your decision. Repeating positive statements and believing in the Universe and yourself will bless you with success and outstanding achievements. For more information, you can visit the website of Naseer Khan and bring in a positive approach within you.

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