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  • October 12, 2023
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Hunger for Success: The Best Mantra to Achieve Your Desired Goals

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Do you know the mantra of success?

What does the top motivational speaker in India, Naseer Khan, say about achieving your desired goals or becoming successful?

Naseer Khan says, “There is one thing common in all successful people: hunger. Hunger to do more, to achieve more, to give more, to be more”.

Even the best plans, strategies, and resources are only helpful if you are hunger. You will try to escape the situation after encountering the first failure or rejection.

Becoming a successful person, making a bright career, and achieving your desired objectives don’t merely come from an excellent education, brilliant intelligence, or many degrees; success occurs from your hunger to achieve success.

So, in today’s blog, we will discuss creating an insatiable hunger for success. Let’s explore and get some fruitful details on the same.

Satisfaction Hampers Your Hunger for Success

Say there is a balloon decoration company that offers the best balloon decoration services to their clients. The company is a startup, serving around 10 clients in the first month. The following month, they set a target of increasing their clients to 20, and with immense efforts, they achieved their goal.

There was happiness all around, the staff was quite motivated, and the owner was cherished for the success. The success gained momentum for around 6 months, and the employees became overconfident. With the gain of success every month, they started becoming lethargic and taking their work for granted.

Suddenly, the growth rate started moving down, and in the next six months, the sales have gone pathetic. The manager called up meetings, but the sales numbers remained the same.

After analyzing the reason for the setbacks, the manager conducted a corporate event and invited the best motivational speaker for sales to his office, ultimately changing the employees’ mindset.

The speaker told the employees the exact reason for their downfall.

Do you want to know what was that?

The reason was satisfaction and the lack of hunger.

When employees become satisfied with the success, they stop putting in effort. The lack of hunger for achieving good numbers and meeting their targets on time worsened the situation.

So, in the above example, it is clearly shown that success comes from an unquenchable hunger. Satisfying with your success ceases your efforts, hence growth opportunities.

Feel happy and motivated with your success, but never become satisfied. Satisfaction leads to a loss of hunger to grow more, achieve desired goals, and reach the highest milestones in the future.


If you want to maintain your hunger for becoming successful, connect with Naseer Khan and pull out many fruitful learnings from his well-versed motivational speeches now.


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