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  • June 8, 2023
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Perception vs. Reality: An Interesting Motivational Lesson

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What’s the perception? What we think is our perception. But is our perception a reality?

If you’ve ever listened to the speeches of Naseer Khan, a famous motivational speaker in India, you might have noticed his words on perception vs. reality.

What we think is only sometimes natural. Sometimes we create an image and start working accordingly. For example, in a relationship, one partner blames the other but cannot realize their mistake. Why does this happen?

It’s all about the perception we create in our minds. We start evaluating the other by the created image in our mind.

Whether it’s positive or negative perception is not on visa currently consistently accurate. It’s essential to recognize the distinction between perception and reality to understand the difference between them.

Connecting with the best keynote speaker in India will also help you in several ways.

Till then, let’s gain some exciting information on the same through this enticing blog and get the best out of it.

Perception is Subjective, and Reality is Objective

Perception is influenced by many factors that affect the lifestyle of an individual. Let’s take a subtle glimpse to understand better,

  • Personal Experiences

Cheating by a partner sometimes creates trust issues within us. With this, we are unable to go for other relationships. The factor of personal experience changes our perception and ceases us to have another relationship.

But the reality is that if we explore with a positive mindset, there is much love in the World; just because of mere perception, why waste your whole life cribbing for the bitter experience you had?

Moving on and creating a good life is what can be your reality.

  • Beliefs

Some individuals have a perception based on their beliefs. It can be religious, cultural, or maybe the beliefs that never let them move forward.

Change is an essential part of life that is a must for every individual. With a rigid belief system, people are unable to adapt to change. The perception is adversely affected by the beliefs and hampers the success of individuals.

For say, after getting fewer scores on boards, the student starts believing they are worthless, a failure, and a loser, and they can’t focus on their studies further.

So, the belief affected the perception of the student in a negative way.

But the reality says there is a way out of every challenging situation. Work hard, and achieve your goals. All days are different, so carry on with more passion and achieve success.


Many other factors, like emotions, cultural background, and biases, influence the perception. But every individual must focus on reality rather than creating a perception to have a transparent, happy life ahead. Connect with Naseer Khan to get more learning on the topic.

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