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  • April 15, 2023
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Revolutionizing Employee Performance: The Science of Motivational Training

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Motivating employees through recognition and rewards is a cliché used by most organizations. But does this work? If it’s true, why are corporations running toward the top motivational speakers in India?

Let’s talk about the latest stats; according to Editor’s Choice, around 81% of employees are thinking of quitting their jobs before the better offers, and 87% are likely to resign from the companies. 39% of employees feel unappreciated in their companies, and 66% are motivated to stay with an incentive program. (source:

With this, you might have an idea of how the level of demotivation prevails in organizations. So, how can we say that only rewards and incentives can fill motivation in an employee? Let’s delve into this blog deeper and understand this topic.

No More Carrot and Stick Motivation

Famous motivational speakers in India are the guiding light for corporate employees. But you must try to align with the legends’ motivational training.

Motivation can’t be gulped like a drink. It comes from within. Motivational training is salient for letting employees perform at a better pace through a calm mind and energy filled all within them.

The top motivational speakers in India understand the psychology and behaviors of an employee or a group of employees and the level of motivation required.

Low self-esteem, shattered confidence, and negative thoughts trigger an employee’s mind ever allow them to perform. The reasons can be many, including not getting appreciation for completing tasks, neglect from colleagues, an uncomfortable working environment, etc.

So, what theories during motivational training must be applied to understand the psychology of an employee? Let’s get on it right now.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory

In this psychological theory, Maslow explains that human motivation is based on fulfilling their needs in a hierarchical order. They are initiating from the basic requirements to advanced needs.

According to Maslow, there are five levels of employee needs in a workplace,

  • Physiological Needs– Decent pay and a comfortable working environment are basic needs.
  • Safety– Job security
  • Love and Belonging– A friendly environment and social activities in the workplace.
  • Esteem– An employee should feel he is growing by getting an appreciation for what he is doing.
  • Self-Actualization– Empowering and trusting the employee lets them grow and engage more.

Equity Theory of Workplace Motivation

John Stacy Adams’ equity theory explains that conditions and pay couldn’t motivate employees. Employees want equity between the inputs they are putting into a job and the results they are achieving.

Fair treatment of the employees in an organization gives them value and makes them have a great relationship with their colleagues and the company.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that this blog has explained the increase in employee performance through motivational training. Connect with our expert motivational coach, Mr. Naseer Khan, to learn more about corporate motivation and different theories.

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